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Buying an

The average cost for an engagement ring

in the UK is around £1,800. Tradition

states you should be spending around

two months wages on that special item.

But there are so many options to consider –

a beautiful looking ring can start as low as

£400 and work its way up to a cool

£1 million.

Your final ring choice is governed by a

number of factors, including: What metal

your partner wants, the diamond size, diamond cut, diamond colour

and clarity. Even the diamond shape makes a difference to the cost.

What matters is that you pay for something reflecting your budget

and shows your true feelings towards your partner.

world and can only be cut and polished

with another diamond.

Countries such as England, United States,

France, and Canada traditionally wear the

engagement ring on the left hand. Where

as Germany, Russia and India wear the

ring on the right hand.

The most common metal used for

engagement rings is either white gold

or platinum, however due to the rise in

cost for these two types of metal palladium is the new metal on the

scene. Palladium is regarded as a precious metal and is a luxury

alternative at a much cheaper price. It is most popular for men’s

wedding rings, so that the lion’s share of the wedding ring budget

can be spent on the bride’s engagement ring!

Although Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the

year for romance, December is in fact the most popular time of the

year to get engaged.

Diamonds were first discovered in

India as far back as 800 B.C.

But diamonds were not

used on wedding bands

or engagement rings

until the 15th century.

The youngest natural

diamond is 900

million years old.

Interesting facts about Engagement Rings

The most popular diamond shape for an engagement ring is the

round brilliant cut. The most popular style of ring is the classic

diamond solitaire.

The tradition of an engagement ring was introduced in 1477.

Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a gold ring

set with a diamond as a token of love.

Ancient cultures believed that the third finger on the left hand, had

a special vein called Vena Amoris, the vein of “love,” this vein runs

directly to the heart.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamant” which

means steadfast or invincible. It is from this word that the diamond

gets its name. Diamonds are the hardest precious gemstone in the



Engagement Rings