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Th e romance beh ind

Wedding rings have been worn in many

cultures since the time of the ancient

Egyptians and these rings throughout time

have symbolised love, devotion, commitment

and a powerful bond between families,

tribes and kingdoms.

The precious materials within a wedding

ring are also symbols of love and devotion.

Gold is a symbol of true and perfect love

that is “as good as gold”, while platinum is

the most precious and pure of metals that

can remain untarnished. Many couples

also choose to have diamonds set in their

wedding rings as ‘forever’ stones that express eternal love.

A new trend among couples is to have their rings engraved, often

on the inside of the bands, with the date of their wedding or a

message of love. New laser technology means that signatures,

hand-written messages and even fingerprints can now be etched

onto the wedding rings.

Traditional wedding ring designs include Celtic

styles and Russian bands, made of interlocking

rings. New ring styles include a fusion of white

and yellow gold, while rose gold rings are

becoming more popular. But for everyday wear,

platinum or palladium rings are the metals most

jewellers recommend, as these metals are harder

and more scratch-resistant than gold and, unlike

white gold, will not tarnish or darken over time.

Traditionally in the UK, wedding rings have been

worn on the third finger of the left hand, which

the ancients believed contained a vein leading

directly to the heart. Although in Eastern Orthodox

tradition, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand and in India,

some brides wear a toe ring or a bangle as well as a wedding ring.

While the traditions and designs may be slightly different today, the

sentiment and meaning to love, treasure and honour one another

forever, remains very much the same: “I love you” “I wish to be with

you forever” and “You are mine.”

Russian bands

Celtic bands

Men’s bands

Wedding Rings